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ESSENCE is a very pretty daughter of ESCUDO I. She is very true of the Escudo I type, in looks, movement and quality. 

Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 21-48-14 Essence Hanoverian.png

SIRE ESCUDO I - Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2009

450 Escudo I daughters are registered with the Hanoverian Society, 104 of them were awarded state premium mare status!

Escudo I has been one of the best German stallions on the breed value rankings for years.

On the 2021 FN values he scored 131 for young jumpers and 125 on the new highest level  achieved rankings. 87 for young dressage horses, and 69 for highest level achieved.

Escudo I 2021 Hanoverian value  is 136 for jumping, and 127 for type.

“He sires excellently fighting progeny with lots of show jumping scope,” said the manager of the Celle National State Stud, Dr. Axel Brockmann.



Escudo I x Danasinga XX x Sound Reason XX

2015 Bay NZWB Hanoverian Mare


Sire - Escudo I

Champion of the 1994 Stallion Performance Test, Escudo 1 gained the highest jumping score. The phenomenal jumping ability was already discovered at the licensing in 1993, and after positive training and development, this black achieved in all other test criteria an evaluation also much above average. His is of outstanding type and expression, and well muscled. Escudo 1’s ability was developed by Joachim Winter, enabling him to win show jumper horse competitions in series. In 1996 he was Hanoverian show jumping champion of the 5 yo at the Dobrock tournament and equal federal vice champion in Warendorf with the Holstein horse Levantos 11. In 1999 he was winner of several show jumping competitions at S level. Escudo himself managed the breakthrough into advanced class without a hitch, gaining numerous first placements.

Offspring of Escudo 1 are quite extraordinary with particularly good type and outstanding basic movements.

ESCUDO I is Sire of Claudia Hay's beautiful ES CENTAVOS. 2015 Horse of the Year NZ Olympic Cup Winner.

Video Below of Claudia & Centavos in the USA in 2016.

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