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Located in the picturesque hills above Oamaru at Mt Stalker Station.

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Petticoat Lane Performance Horses

Our Location

PL PERFORMANCE HORSES is divided into two properties. The riding horses and arena are based at Happy Valley Road in North Otago, just 15km South of Oamaru. Just a short while, further up the road, 34km southwest of Oamaru, is Mt Stalker Station.  Mt Stalker is a farm made-up of rolling, cultivated country, tussock hill country and 1085ha of native bush. It is abundant in natural springs and local hunters relish an opportunity to hunt wild deer and pigs. 

Horses roam in 10 acre paddocks, with great terrain to establish balance and coordination while living in small herds.

Loose boxes are available and allow horses cover during the bigger snow storms.


Our young horses are familiar with farm machinery, vehicles, helicopters, cattle (bulls), sheep and dogs.  They tend to be very curious and confident types, due to the constant activity and farm related tasks taking place around them.


Petticoat Lane Sport Horses is owned by Veterinarian Hayley Shaw (BVSc).  Mares and foals receive the optimum in care and nutrition throughout their gestation and developmental phases.

Breeding Programme:

Blood, Temperament, Rideability and Conformation

Selecting top quality stallions is important to our breeding programme.

Team Nijhof not only have approved sires, but also bloodlines that have been carefully cultivated to remain dominant throughout the generations.  

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