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Dorian Grey TN Z

Dorian Grey TN Z’s sire Dominator Z is Christian Ahlmann’s Olympic asset. Dorian Grey TN Z combines Dominator Z with another great stallion from Studfarm Zangersheide: the famous Chellano Z. In the third generation we come across the stallion Notaris who guarantees top quality horses when present in the damline.

Dorian Grey TN Z’s dam Cegetti Z jumped successfully in sport herself and produced the international showjumper Darchello B ridden by Italy’s Paolo Zani. The Grand Prix showjumpers Phyra Z and Partner V2 were also bred from this same damline. Two half-sisters of Dorian Gray TN Z  received 85 points each during the studbook inspection.

Dorian Grey TN Z earned his breeding license in the spring of 2019 at Studbook Zangersheide. He stood out due to his excellent reflexes and great jumping technique. Dorian Grey TN Z catches the eye under saddle with his extreme quality, technique, light-footedness, and athletic ability.

Dorian Grey TN Z

Dominator Z x Chellano Z x Notaris

1.68m 2016 Grey Zangersheide approved Stallion

Sire - Dominator Z

The crowd puller of the catalogue and still our figurehead for the sport in the five-star tour. In recent years he excelled numerous times on a podium, to which his victories in the CSI5* Grands Prix of Stockholm, Doha and Hamburg bear witness. But precisely those podium places sometimes cause friction between the sport and breeding. Christian Ahlmann would preferably plan a full calendar for his prize-winning horse with appearances at the highest level the year round, while also leaving his mark on his offspring in breeding. There are not many stallions who are blessed with the gift to pass on the unique combination of capacity and blood, a test Dominator Z has passed with the best of distinctions!

His descendants catch the eye with the same specific qualities as their illustrious father: explosive take-off, power and bascule, and a virtually identical jumping technique characterised by the remarkably fast shoulder. Over fifty approved sons and nearly ten 7-year-olds at 1.45m level showcase that it’s merely a matter of time before Dominator Z’s offspring will tread in their father’s imposing footsteps.   

5835-Dominator Z_Christian Ahlmann_paardenfotograaf dominator-20190901-GA6_6575 copy.jpg

Sire: Dominator Z

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